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Fear and anxiety about dental treatment is very common and completely understandable. In fact, the most common reason that people do not visit the dentist is fear related. Yet we all need dental care to ensure optimal health and a great smile. Additionally, many people who experience dental fear unfortunately neglect their oral health resulting in a worse situation with more serious damage.


Because we understand your fears, here at Pinnacle Dental Group we offer Sleep Dentistry (intravenous sedation) administered by a qualified, accredited and highly experienced dental sedationist. Sleep Dentistry can enable you to achieve the dental health you deserve and make every visit a safe, comforting and pain-free experience.

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What is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep Dentistry (also called Dental Sedation, Intravenous Sedation, Twilight Dentistry, Sedation Dentistry or Conscious Sedation) is a safe, effective and enjoyable way to have your dental procedures performed. It uses a combination of sedative and pain relieving drugs given intravenously to create a deep state of relaxation where your dental treatment can be carried out without you feeling any pain or anxiety. Because most people fall asleep during the procedure, it is often called ‘Sleep Dentistry’.

With sleep dentistry, you still retain all your reflexes, so you can breathe on your own (without a tube down your throat as with general anaesthesia), but through the combination of medications administered, you experience an amnesic effect, meaning you have no memory of the procedure. Local anaesthetic is still used (once you are sedated) so that you will not experience any discomfort or pain during the treatment. Throughout your procedure, your sedationist will constantly monitor your level of sedation, achieving the perfect level of comfort for you and the type of dental procedure being performed.

Who is Sleep Dentistry good for?

Sleep Dentistry is beneficial for anyone who has a fear or anxiety towards dental procedures. We may also recommend sleep dentistry for those who require extensive dental work to make the procedure more comfortable and enjoyable for you.

Sleep Dentistry is ideal if you have:

  • A desire to not remember the procedure

  • Apprehension or anxiety about a specific procedure e.g. wisdom teeth removal, implant surgery

  • Dental anxiety, Dental phobia or Needle phobia

  • Generalised anxiety

  • Extremely sensitive teeth or gums

  • Discomfort with the sounds and tastes associated with dental treatment

  • Strong or overly sensitive gag reflex – sedation can reduce a gag reflex

  • Fear of pain or low pain threshold

  • A history of negative dental experiences

  • Difficulties becoming numb after injections with local anaesthesia

  • A movement disorder which can make it hard for you to remain still during treatment

  • Complex or extensive dental work needed

Common procedures performed under Sleep Dentistry:

  • Tooth extractions and other oral surgery procedures

  • Wisdom teeth removal

  • Dental implants surgery

  • Root canal therapy

  • General restorative dentistry

  • Crown and Bridge procedures

  • Complex dental procedures

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What are the Benefits of Sleep Dentistry?

  • Enables you to have to your dental treatment done without pain and anxiety

  • You can undergo your dental treatment in the comfort and familiarity of our dental practice

  • Allows you complete your dental work over fewer visits

  • Treatments seem to take a shorter amount of time

  • You will have little or no memory of the procedure

  • Almost any dental procedures you need can be performed painlessly and comfortably under the joint management of your experienced dentist and dental sedationist – you will have 2 highly trained dentists looking after you

  • Sleep Dentistry is quicker to access, more cost effective and you will recover faster when compared with general anaesthesia in a hospital

Is Sleep Dentistry safe to use?

Sleep Dentistry is safe and effective when performed by a specially trained and Dental Board of Australia endorsed dental sedationist on a patient with an appropriate medical background and all pre- and post-sedation instructions are followed. For these reasons, our expert dental sedationist will carefully review your medical history to assess your suitability for sedation and determine if this is the best option for you. Before your sleep dentistry appointment, our dental sedationist will answer all your questions and go through in detail the pre- and post-sedation instructions to fully prepare you.

You will also be closely monitored throughout your visit with hospital-grade monitoring equipment recommended by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) to assess your vital signs and level of consciousness to ensure you are safe, relaxed and comfortable during sedation. At Pinnacle Dental Group, we will ensure you have the best qualified and experienced team around should you choose to receive sedation to give you the peace of mind and care you deserve.

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