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Examination and Clean

At Pinnacle Dental we are focused on preventative dentistry through periodic maintenance oral examinations with one of our experienced dentists.  We recommend you visit one of our expert dentists every 6 months to ensure that any early problems can be detected and appropriate action taken. Tooth decay, if ignored, can cause tooth loss, and therefore it is essential that it is treated before it gets a chance to cause greater damage. Our dentists will also screen for oral cancers at every examination, and conduct a comprehensive assessment to ensure the good health of your gums, temporomandibular joints, upper and lower jaw, oral mucosa, tongue and palate.  From gingivitis to periodontal disease and even halitosis (bad breath), these are problems that can be solved through regular dental visits and professional cleans, coupled with listening to and understanding the hygiene guidelines put in place for your individual needs.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at our Miranda or Cronulla dental clinic for a consult.