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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Is your wisdom teeth causing you pain and discomfort? Come talk to one of our experienced clinicians at Pinnacle Dental Group, Miranda. Book an appointment

Wisdom Tooth Removal Miranda

Are you experiencing pain, swelling or discomfort from your wisdom tooth? With over 40 years of experience in the professional dental health industry, our experienced general dentists and specialist oral maxillofacial surgeons at Pinnacle Dental Group can assist you in providing a safe and quick solution in the removal of your wisdom tooth.

What is a Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are one of the last teeth to push through into the mouth during late teens and early twenties for most people.

Most people have four wisdom teeth, located at the back corners of each side of the upper and lower jaws. In many people, there is a lack of space for wisdom teeth to come through into the mouth, leading to wedging in or impaction of the wisdom teeth.

Some impacted wisdom teeth are asymptomatic and do not need to be treated, however, other impacted wisdom teeth may cause severe problems such as repeated episodes of pain, swelling and food impaction.

If one or more of your wisdom teeth are causing problems, our team of experienced clinicians may recommend it be removed. Removal of a wisdom tooth is a very common procedure and should be done in the earliest possible instance before the problem gets worse.

Is it Necessary to Remove a Wisdom Tooth?

At Pinnacle Dental Group Miranda, one of our experienced general dentists or Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons will inspect your wisdom teeth, along with the appropriate radiographs of the wisdom teeth, and discuss the diagnosis with you.

Some of the problems caused by an impacted wisdom tooth that necessitate removal include:








Usually the best time to remove a troublesome wisdom tooth is when the patient is young. In young people, the tooth roots have not fully formed, and the surrounding bone is softer, allowing easier removal of the tooth and less risk of damage to adjacent structures.

Where to Have Surgery?

One of our experienced clinicians will advise you whether your wisdom teeth should be removed at our Miranda dental clinic, or in a hospital setting such as day-surgery clinics.

The decision on where to have the surgery is usually based on your personal preference, as well as the anticipated difficulty of the surgery.

A local anaesthesia is performed at our dental clinic and can be safely administered for the simple removal of wisdom teeth. In more complicated cases however, a general anaesthesia can be safely administered at the hospital setting and your wisdom teeth can be removed while you are asleep.

What to Do After Wisdom Tooth Removal?

After wisdom teeth removal, it is usually a good idea to take some time to rest and avoid physical activities. A tailored pain relief regimen will be given by our experienced clinicians to assist you in your recovery.

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