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Pinnacle Dental Group offers both Conventional Braces and Invisalign Clear Aligners to help correct malocclusion in both children and adults. Having crowded teeth and an incorrect bite can often lead to higher risks of tooth decay, cracked teeth, jaw joint problems and airway issues.  It may also be of aesthetic concern in some cases.  All our patients undergo an orthodontic assessment as part of our periodic oral examinations.  We want to understand your desires for the your perfect smile.  Our dentists with then develop a personalised plan to develop this perfect smile of your dreams and correct any malocclusion.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at our Miranda dental clinic for a consult.

 Braces vs Invisalign


Simply the best. The staff put you at ease the second you walk through the door. They go to great efforts to both support and thoroughly educate patients on all procedures. Matthew is the biggest legend on the planet. Pinnacle is gold. All the other other dental practices can go home.

Alana S.

Without the wonderful, caring treatment I’ve received - over a number of years - seriously, I would be toothless. Dubious gums are the problem but regular treatment has been effective and I cannot speak highly enough of this practice - especially the care given by Louis Kei.

Elizabeth H.

Meet The Team

Dr. Matthew Kei

Principal Dental Surgeon

Dr. Louis Kei

Specialist Prosthodontist

Dr. Richard Lee

Dental Surgeon

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If you want to align your teeth don’t hesitate to call 02 9526 1458 and book a consultation with our dentist. We can determine the best solution for you based on your needs and budget, helping you get the best result, that’s worth your money.