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Emergency Dentistry Sydney

Whatever urgent dental problem you’re dealing with, we will make sure you get the most appropriate treatment for your needs.

Emergency Dentist Miranda

At Pinnacle Dental Group, we understand that toothaches and dental accidents can happen at any time. That’s why we have an emergency dentist in Miranda and emergency dentist Sutherland shire who can provide relief from urgent dental issues as soon as possible. Our goal is to help you care for your smile in the best ways possible. We strive to always provide the most positive dental experience you and your family can have, whether you’re here for a routine dental procedure or more specialised dental care. With Pinnacle Dental Group, you can rest assured that your dental needs will always be met the highest level of care and attention.

What We Can Treat

Our emergency dentist in Miranda and sutherland dentist can treat a wide variety of urgent dental problems, including:
•    Toothaches
•    Chipped, cracked, or broken tooth
•    Knocked out/missing tooth
•    Jaw pain
•    Soft tissue trauma
•    Trauma to the lips or cheeks
•    Complications with wisdom teeth
•    Gum damage
•    Broken dental crowns, dentures, or bridges

We Provide the Right Treatment

At Pinnacle Dental Group, we understand that every urgent dental problem is different.

The right treatment for tooth or gum pain can vary greatly, depending on the cause and level of your pain. Common treatments for tooth pain include root canal therapy, extraction, periodontal treatments and restorations.

Emergency Dentist Sydney

We know that toothaches can be a terribly painful experience and prevent you from carrying on with your day like you normally would. With our emergency dental in Sydney, you can look forward to being pain-free and back to normal sooner than you think. Whatever is causing your toothache or dental problem, we can provide relief and help you get the right treatment as soon as possible.    

Treatments for broken or damaged teeth, meanwhile, will also depend on its cause and the condition of your teeth and gums. To repair broken teeth or damaged teeth, you might need to get tooth fillings, orthodontics in Miranda or prosthodontics like bridges, veneers, or dentures.

Find out more about our emergency dentistry or book your appointment with a Sutherland dentist by calling 02 9526 1458.

Our First Class Dental Work 

emergency dentistry sydney

Case Study #1 - Fixing a Chipped Tooth ASAP

This gentleman broke his front tooth from a sporting accident on the weekend. Our team fit him in straight away, and we were able to get his front tooth fixed in time for Monday morning!

By fixing his broken tooth quickly, we were able to help him avoid going out in public and facing the world with a chipped front tooth.  

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Case Study #2 - Replacing a Missing Tooth Without Pain

After assessing all his pain-free options, he opted for a bridge – a process where the replacement tooth is bonded to neighbouring teeth without the need for local anaesthetic.

With the dental bridge on, the patient was able to replace their missing tooth without surgery.

emergency dentist sutherland shire

Case Study #3 - Fixing a broken Tooth ASAP

We often see tooth-related accidents during school holiday time! In the instance where a front tooth has broken, it’s important to try and hold on to the broken portion and bring it to a dentist as soon as possible. Sometimes, this can simply be bonded back painlessly without any further complications, as was the case with this teenager who got elbowed playing soccer.

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Case Study #4 - Root Canal Therapy and Crown

Breaking a front tooth can be a very traumatising experience. This teenager sustained a painful fracture from a football accident.  Further examination at the clinic revealed that the nerve of the tooth has unfortunately died. The tooth ultimately required root canal therapy and a crown to ensure the broken tooth blended in with the rest of his smile.

Book our Emergency Dentist in Sutherland Shire

We are conveniently located at the heart of Miranda’s commercial district, situated along Central Road just opposite the Westfield Shopping Centre. If you’re driving, you’ll find plenty of parking available outside our clinic in the surrounding streets or the Westfield Shopping Centre nearby. If you are commuting to our clinic, we are near several bus stops in the area as well as just a few minutes’ walk away from the Miranda train station. No matter what type of dental emergency you have, we can help you get relief and the right treatment from an emergency dentist in Sutherland Shire as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions or enquiries about our emergency dentist in Miranda, please do not hesitate to call 02 9526 1458 to find out more.

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Emergency Dentist Sydney

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