Dental Anxiety


There are many reasons why people feel dental anxiety and it often stems from negative past-experiences with dental treatment, and these feelings can stay with people for years.


Anxiety may even stem from childhood memories or a seemingly unrelated experience such as a traumatic event.

Common causes of Dental Anxiety:

  • Smell and sounds of a dental or medical practice

  • Fear of needles and injections

  • Existing anxiety issues – such as generalised anxiety disorder, claustrophobia or panic disorder

  • Previous negative dental or healthcare experiences

  • Fear of pain or invasive health treatment

  • Underlying psychological reasons

  • Being forced into medical or dental treatment at a young age

  • Feeling a loss of control and helplessness during dental treatment

  • Feeling a sense of invasion at the close proximity and treatment in the oral region

  • Embarrassment over the condition of teeth

Why is it important to overcome Dental Anxiety?


While completely understandable, your dental anxiety is one of the main obstacles standing in your way of achieving optimal oral health and general wellbeing. By delaying dental treatment, you risk worsening a problem until it becomes too painful to ignore, eventually requiring more complex and extensive treatments – even surgery.


Regular visits to the dentist remain one of the best safeguards against dental ailments like decay and gum diseases. When a dental problem is detected at an early stage, the dentist can fix them using a variety of pain-free and minimally invasive techniques.


A routine dental check-up every 6 months will significantly reduce the likelihood of painful dental problems or the need for complex procedures to deal with them. 

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

At the Dentist

The first step to overcoming dental anxiety is to find a dentist with whom you can build a supportive relationship based on integrity and trust, who listens to your concerns and respects your needs.


Pinnacle Dental Group has been servicing the Shire for over 40 years, helping thousands of nervous patients overcome their dental anxiety through gentle and pain-free dentistry.


The team at Pinnacle Dental Group have a deep understanding of the experience of dental anxiety and are renowned for their patient-focussed approach. You will feel warmth, empathy, patience and the many years of experience in their gentle touch. Pinnacle Dental Group pride themselves on clinical excellence together with personalised care tailored exactly to your individual needs ensuring a first class experience. 

At Pinnacle Dental Group, we also understand that sometimes it takes more than having a gentle approach and providing a calm environment. This is why we offer specialised sedation dentistry services to help those people with greater anxieties relax enough to receive the dental treatment they need and want.

To support people with moderate to severe dental anxieties, we offer:

  • Oral sedation

  • Sleep dentistry (Intravenous sedation)

These services are also very beneficial for those patients requiring surgical procedures, more complex dental procedures and those simply wishing to undergo their dental treatment with maximum comfort and efficiency.

If you experience dental anxiety and want to have a smile to be proud of without fear or embarrassment, start your journey to overcoming dental anxiety with a consultation with our friendly, experienced team at Pinnacle Dental Group. Consider letting them help you regain control of your oral health, well-being and confidence.

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Dr Nancy S. Chen

Dental Sedationist


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Dental Surgeon

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Dr Nancy S. Chen

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