Pain-Free Dentistry

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Issues of pain, anxiety and fear have always been a major part of dentistry. In fact, for many people dental procedures are synonymous with pain. This is often a result of previous painful and traumatic experiences. In addition, anxiety, fear and pain interact with each-other such that increases in anxiety will increase sensitivities to pain.


This leads many people to believe there is no way dental treatment can ever be pain-free and anxiety-free.


Fortunately, modern dentistry today has come a long way with many advances that will provide a gentle and pain-free experience.  

At Pinnacle Dental Group, we have extensive and specialised expertise in pain-free dentistry. Our practitioners recognise the importance of personal understanding, patience and a gentle touch. We will take the time to listen to all your concerns and fears and provide a safe, relaxed and comfortable environment. In addition to our caring and gentle approach, we offer the latest technology and specialised services to support our pain-free approach to dentistry, including safe and proven sedation options such as oral sedation and sleep dentistry.

Experience the Pinnacle Dental Group difference and learn that dentistry can truly be gentle, pain-free and relaxing. If you are anxious about dental treatment and want to regain a smile to be proud of, call our friendly team on (02) 9526 1458 so we can help you with your concerns and ensure that you have a completely gentle, pain-free and positive experience.

Meet Our Professionals

Dr Richard Lee

Dr. Richard Lee

Principal Dental Surgeon

​Dr. Louis Kei

Dr. Louis Kei

Specialist Prosthodontist

Dr Matthew Kei

Dr. Matthew Kei

Dental Surgeon

Dr Nancy Chen Profile Pic.jpeg

Dr Nancy S. Chen

Dental Sedationist


Dr. Teresa Sung

Dental Surgeon