Cosmetic Dentistry Miranda

If your teeth are showing signs of discolouration, worn or if you simply want to get whiter teeth, then we have the solution for you. We will develop a personal treatment plan with you, conducting a thorough examination and taking the time to understand your desired results, so that you obtain the smile of your dreams.

Our Approach

We have a strong focus on providing cosmetic dental care to improve your confidence and appearance of your smile for any situation. Cosmetic dentistry consists of a host of dental treatments designed to enhance your smile, from porcelain veneers and teeth replacement to tooth-coloured fillings and teeth whitening. 

Our Techniques

We keep up-to-date with the latest innovations in technology and treatment techniques at Miranda the Pinnacle Dental Group team provides unequalled service and care when it comes to restoring the health and vitality of your smile.  See some of our previous treatments before and after images. 


Uneven Incisal Edges

Natural Colour of Smile

Worn Teeth


Porcelain Veneers

Whitening Treatment



Simply the best. The staff put you at ease the second you walk through the door. They go to great efforts to both support and thoroughly educate patients on all procedures. Matthew is the biggest legend on the planet. Pinnacle is gold. All the other other dental practices can go home.

Alana S.

Without the wonderful, caring treatment I’ve received - over a number of years - seriously, I would be toothless. Dubious gums are the problem but regular treatment has been effective and I cannot speak highly enough of this practice - especially the care given by Louis Kei.

Elizabeth H.

Meet The Team

Dr. Matthew Kei

Principal Dental Surgeon

Dr. Louis Kei

Specialist Prosthodontist

Dr. Richard Lee

Dental Surgeon

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If you want cosmetic dentistry quickly and effectively, don’t hesitate to call 02 9526 1458 and book a consultation with our staff. We can determine the best solution for you based on your needs and budget, helping you get healthy teeth.