Cosmetic Dentistry Miranda

Cosmetic Dentist Miranda

We know that how your teeth look is just as important as how they feel. That’s why we provide a variety of cosmetic dentistry in Miranda to help you make your teeth look more beautiful than ever.


Whether your teeth are showing signs of discolouration or they’re visibly worn, we have the solution for you. Even if you just want your teeth to be a little whiter, our dentists can help. Whatever your teeth need to look its best, Pinnacle Dental Group is here to help you get it. Our cosmetic dentist in Sutherland Shire will create a personal treatment plan for you, conducting a thorough examination of your teeth and understanding your desired results so you can get the smile of your dreams.

Cosmetic Dentist Sutherland Shire

Regain your smile and flash your pearly whites with confidence by getting the right cosmetic dentistry treatment for your teeth.

Our Approach

We have a strong focus on providing cosmetic dental care to improve your confidence and the appearance of your smile for any situation. Cosmetic dentistry in Miranda consists of a host of dental treatments designed to enhance your smile, from porcelain veneers and teeth replacement to tooth-coloured fillings and teeth whitening. 

Our Techniques

We keep up-to-date with the latest innovations in technology and treatment techniques at Miranda the Pinnacle Dental Group team provides unequalled service and care when it comes to restoring the health and vitality of your smile.  See some of our previous treatments before and after images. 

Teeth Whitening

Make your teeth look as beautiful and presentable as possible with our professional teeth whitening. We offer a variety of teeth whitening solutions at Pinnacle Dental Group, from in-chair whitening treatments to quality home kits for DIY whitening. Whether you want to whiten discoloured teeth or simply want your teeth to look lighter, we’ll help you achieve your goal.

Dental Crowns

Cover decayed or broken teeth with expertly crafted dental crowns that will make these damaged teeth look like new. Also known as ‘dental caps’, dental crowns are one of the most effective ways to protect compromised teeth or improve their appearance. We can match the colour of your dental crown with your natural teeth to make it blend easily – others won’t be able to tell the difference!


Dental Bridges

Replace any missing teeth and fill the gap with a high-quality dental bridge. Dental bridges are among the best solutions for replacing missing teeth, providing a tooth replacement that acts and looks like real teeth. It also provides support for your teeth on either side of the gap, helping keep your remaining teeth strong and functional.   

Veneers Miranda

Fix minor tooth discolourations or small cracks with porcelain veneers designed for your teeth. Porcelain veneers are best used for minor cosmetic repairs, correcting slight flaws in colour, shape or surface condition. With the right veneer, you can restore the original look of your tooth and help protect its surface from further damage. We can install the right type of veneers in Sydney for your needs and preferences.

Tooth Bonding

Repair chipped, cracked, spaced or discoloured teeth with professional tooth bonding from our dentists. Tooth bonding is a cost-effective solution for fixing minor flaws in teeth, allowing you to restore your tooth’s appearance and regain your smile. This is a great alternative to veneers and dental crowns and an excellent choice for those whose teeth don’t require more in-depth cosmetic treatments.

White Fillings

Fill unsightly cavities and holes in your teeth with skilfully applied white fillings. Compared to silver fillings, white fillings look more natural and discreet. They often end up looking like a natural part of your teeth and are hardly noticeable from the outside. White fillings are excellent for filling small cavities and minor cracks, providing aesthetic improvements and additional support for your natural teeth.

Inlays and Onlays

Restore the look of decaying or damaged teeth with dental inlays and onlays. These fillings are designed to cover your damaged teeth and bonded on its surface to fill small holes and protect it. Inlays and onlays are best suited for teeth that require more coverage and protection than conventional fillings but less work and restoration than dental crowns or veneers.

Teeth Straightening

Set your teeth straight and make sure they are aligned properly by getting the right teeth-straightening solution for your teeth. Whether you need conventional braces or proven alternatives like Invisalign, our cosmetic dentist in Miranda will help you get the best orthodontic treatment to achieve your goals. We’ll help you decide the right solution based on your needs, preferences, and budget.

Why We're the Most Trusted Cosmetic Dentist in Miranda

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All our dentists are part of the esteemed Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, and they have the expertise to provide the dental service you need. We have also been serving the Sutherland Shire for over 40 years, making us one of the longest-running cosmetic dentists outside Sydney.

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We know that everyone’s dental needs are different. That’s why we offer a complete range of essential dental services to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Whether you need a general check-up or an in-depth procedure, Pinnacle Dental is here to provide the dental treatment you need.

cosmetic dentistry miranda


We create treatment plans tailored to your needs, including veneers in Miranda, and preferences because we understand that everyone’s teeth and dental goals are different.

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We genuinely care for all our patients’ needs, and we do everything we can to make sure you’re satisfied with our service and get what you came for.

Modern Cosmetic Dentist


We stay up to date with the most current cosmetic dentistry techniques, so you’ll always get the most effective solution for improving your teeth’s appearance.

Meet Our Professionals

Dr Richard Lee

Dr. Richard Lee

Principal Dental Surgeon

​Dr. Louis Kei

Dr. Louis Kei

Specialist Prosthodontist

Dr Matthew Kei

Dr. Matthew Kei

Dental Surgeon


Dr. Teresa Sung

Dental Surgeon

Dental Implant

This person came into the clinic with some pain in his gums around that top tooth that is whiter than the rest of his teeth in his smile.  Further tests and x-rays revealed that the root was cracked and the tooth was not salvageable. Unfortunately, the whiter tooth had to be removed and a dental implant was inserted to replace the missing tooth. This implant tooth was individually crafted in a way to match the rest of his teeth so it will no longer stand out in his smile.

Case Study #1

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