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Do Home Teeth Whitening Kits Really Work?

Updated: Feb 8

Short answer – yes, they do. 

But not all home teeth whitening kits are the same – some kits work better than others, while some kits may not be as effective as you want.

If you’re curious about making your teeth look whiter with home teeth whitening kits, here’s what you need to know.

How do they work?

Home teeth whitening kits come in three main varieties: 

  • Bleaching strips

  • A tray-like product with a bleaching agent

  • A special bleaching substance to paint over your teeth.

No matter which type you end up with, they all work in a similar way: You apply a bleaching agent to your teeth that causes a chemical reaction that whitens it. If you’re looking for a teeth whitening solution that’s relatively cheap and easy to do at home, a high-quality home teeth whitening kit may be right for you.

Are there any downsides to home teeth whitening kits? Yes. As convenient and handy as they are, home teeth whitening kits have some drawbacks that might make you think twice about using them for your teeth whitening.

  • You need to use it regularly.

Home teeth whitening kits need to be used daily over a period of time – typically around two weeks – to achieve results. If you don’t follow this regimen every day, then you might not see the results you want.

  • It can only whiten teeth by a few shades.

Although home teeth whitening kits can be effective in whitening teeth, they can only really whiten teeth by a few shades. If you want a drastic change in teeth whiteness (i.e. you have severe teeth staining), home teeth whitening kits may not be enough.

  • You may need multiple tries.

Because they can only whiten teeth by a few shades, you may need to use home teeth whitening kits a few times over several months to get the exact shade you want.

  • You need to do it right.

Most home teeth whitening kits may be easy enough to do on your own, but you still need to do it right to get the best results. This means following instructions consistently throughout the entire time you use it.

  • You need to be careful.

Although the bleaching agents in home teeth whitening kits are formulated to be safe for home use, you still need to be careful when using them. Even in its diluted form, the bleaching agents can still irritate your gums or teeth if used incorrectly. 

Are there any alternatives?

If you’re not sure whether home teeth whitening kits are right for you, you’ll be glad to know that these kits are not your only option.

Professional teeth whitening – also known as in-chair teeth whitening – is an excellent and often more effective alternative. In-chair teeth whitening is performed by a dentist in their clinic, and it typically uses a stronger bleaching agent that’s more effective in whitening your teeth. This makes it especially useful if you want to whiten your teeth by several shades. Best of all, you’ll often see results immediately. 

Want to whiten your teeth?

If you’re in Miranda or in any of the surrounding suburbs, feel free to book an appointment with our Cosmetic Dentist Miranda to get the right solution for your teeth. We offer both home teeth whitening kits and in-chair teeth whitening treatments so you can get the right solution for your needs and budget.

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